I want to express again my profound thanks to the army of supporters across the state who contributed to our campaign financially and/or by volunteering.

In spite of triple digit temperatures during most of the last 5 weeks, we had volunteer canvassers out every day. I loved sharing that experience with so many of you. And I know that you were wonderful ambassadors for the campaign. Your belief in our shared values, and commitment to further the common good touched the hearts of many people. Through your efforts we were able to knock on the doors of frequent voters as many as 4 times during the last 10 weeks.

Thanks also to those who made phone calls, wrote postcards, drove people to the polls, handed out literature on election day, entered data, hosted fundraisers, put up signs, and offered moral and spiritual support.

Most of all, I want to recognize and thank my campaign director, Justin Stein. He is absolutely amazing. He continued to bring order out of potential chaos, and assured that the campaign kept a strong strategic focus.

I do believe that our hard work was not in vain. I believe our campaign raised the hopes of many we reached out to. Voters were assured that there are candidates who are driven by a desire for public service rather personal gain and ambition.

We did not win the election, but our campaign won in every other way.

Losing the election is a personal disappointment, but the greater sadness for me is that the people of the 78th district will not have a strong voice to represent their needs.

I do not know what is next for me. I learned some disturbing things in the campaign about voter intimidation and bureaucratic ineptitude. I do not want to let these issues continue in future elections.

Campaigning has been a challenge and a gift. I have learned and grown, and my passion for social justice is stronger than ever. I look forward to actively working for positive change.

With much gratitude,

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